Basic shortcuts in excel

To Adjust Column Width to Fit the Content Alt+O+C+A
To Adjust Column Width to Specific Value Alt+O+C+W
To Adjust Row Height to Fit the Content Alt+O+R+A
To Adjust Row Height to Specific Value Alt+O+R+E
To Open Pivot Table wizard Alt+D+P
Align Left Alt+H, AL
Align Right Alt+H, AR
Align Cight Alt+H- AC
Align Top Alt+H, AT
Align Middle Alt+H, AM
Align Bottom Alt+H- AB
To wrap the text Alt+H, W
Highlight Cell (change cell backgroudn color) Alt+H, H
Font Color Alt+H, FC
Font Size Alt+H, FS
Merge Cells – Merge Alt+H, MM
Merge Cells – Unmerge Alt+H, MU
Merge Cells – Merge and Center Alt+H, MC
Merge Cells – Merge Across Alt+H, MA
To merge the text Alt+H, M
To change the font style Alt+H, FF
To change the font size Alt+H, FS
Fomat painter Alt+H, FP
To record macro Alt+Y, R
To Open dialog box of Name Manager Al+M, N
To open Data Validation dialog box Alt+A,VV
To insert the Pivot Table Alt+N,V
To insert the Table Alt+N,T
To insert Column chart Alt+N, C
To insert Bar chart Alt+N, B
To insert Stock, Surface and Radar chart Alt+N, O
To insert Line Chart Alt+N, N
To insert Area Chart Alt+N, A11
To insert Combo Chart Alt+N, SD
To insert Pie Chart Alt+N, Q
To insert Scatter Chart Alt+N, D
To open new worksheet Alt+F, N
To open the file Alt+F, O
To save the file Alt+F, S
To Save as the file Alt+F, A
To share the file Alt+F, H
To export the file Alt+F, E
To close the file Alt+F, C
To check the account Alt+F, D

Priyansh Minocha

Priyansh Minocha is C.E.O and Director at Amonest India Private Limited and Founder at Casolutionsglobal

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