Basic shortcuts in excel

To move window Ctrl+F7
To remove the outline border around selected cell Ctrl+Shift+_
To apply/remove strike through formatting Ctrl+5
To move previous pane Shift+F6
To move next pane F6
Move to beginning of line Home
Move to end of line End
Extend selection left side Shift+Left Arrow
Extend selection right side Shift+Right Arrow
Extend selection up side Shift+Up Arrow
Extend selection down side Shift+Down Arrow
Outdent Shift+Tab
Extend the selection of cells to the last nonblank cell in the same column or row as the active cell. Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Key
Move to cycle applications Alt+Tab
Top Of Module Ctrl+Home
End Of Module Ctrl+End
Go to top of current procedure in another sheet Ctrl+Page Up
Go to top of current procedure in another sheet Ctrl+Page Down
Move one word to left Ctrl+Left Arrow
Move one word to right Ctrl+Right Arrow
Go to up till the blank cell Ctrl+Up Arrow
Go to down till the blank cell Ctrl+Down Arrow
Enter to Move up Shift+Enter
To place the outline border around selected cell Ctrl+Shift+&
To insert current time Ctrl+Shift+*
To hide rows Ctrl+9
To hide columns Ctrl+0
To unhide rows Ctrl+Shift+(
To unhide columns Ctrl+Shift+)
To fill the selected cell range with the current entry Ctrl+Enter
To select the entire row Shift+Spacebar
To select the array containing the active cell. CTRL+/
To select all cells that contain comments. CTRL+SHIFT+O
To select the cells that don’t match the formula CTRL+\
To select the cells that don’t match the formula CTRL+SHIFT+|
To select cells directly referenced by formulas in the selection. CTRL+[
To select cells directly/indirectly referenced by formulas  CTRL+SHIFT+{
To select cells contain formulas directly reference the selection CTRL+]
To select cells directly/indirectly referenced by formulas  CTRL+SHIFT+}
To select the visible cells in the current selection. ALT+;
To select only active cell SHIFT+BACKSPACE
To select the entire worksheet CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR
To reapply the filter and sort on the current range Ctrl+Alt+L
To copy the selected values Ctrl+C
To fill down Ctrl+D
To fill down Ctrl+”
To edit active cell F2
To extend selection mode F8
Toggle insert mode Insert
To delete the selected values Delete
To delete previous entry BackSpace
To paste the data Shift+Insert
Select from start of line Shift+Home
Select till end of line Shift+End
Select to top of module Shift+Page Up
Select to end of module Shift+Page Down
To select all data without blanks Ctrl+A
Find the value Ctrl+F
To copy the selected values Ctrl+Insert
Select the complete row Ctrl+Spacebar
Go to delete to start of word Ctrl+BackSpace
To cut the selection Shift+Delete
To select the data from first active cell to last active cell  Ctrl+Shift+Arrow key
To start the menu WK
Run dialog box WK+R
Minimize all WK+M
Undo minimize all Shift+WK+M
To help WK+F1
To open Window Explorer WK+E
To find files or folder WK+F
To minimize all open windows and display the desktop WK+D
To Find Computer Ctrl+WK+F
To Quick launch toolbar Ctrl+WK+Tab

Cycle through taskbar buttons



To log off windows WK+L
To start print manager WK+P
To open Control Panel WK+C
To start Clipboard WK+V
To open keyboard properties dialog box WK+K
To open mouse properties dialog box WK+I
To start accessibility options WK+A
XL, Restore window size Ctrl+F5
Next workbook window Ctrl+F6
Previous workbook window Shift+Ctrl+F6
To minimize workbook Ctrl+F9
To open VBE Ctrl+F11
For Previous Window Ctrl+Shift+F6
To open new worksheet Alt+Shift+F1
To open workbook Ctrl+O
To activate previous workbook Shift+Ctrl+Tab
To create new workook Ctrl+N

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