India introduces Aadhar based authentication for GST Registration

GST registration in 3 days

Physical verification of business place is required if Aadhaar is NOT authenticated: CBIC’

Notification No 62/2020 dated 20/08/2020

(a) If a person applying for GST registration and opted for Aadhar Authentication then the officer has to act upon the application within 3 working days. In simple terms, on successful authentication of Aadhaar, registration will be deemed approved within 3 working days if no SCN/query issued by the officer.

(b) If a person doesn’t opt for Aadhar Authentication then physical verification of his place of business will be done & only after that registration number will be issued.



(a) Once registration application is submitted, an authentication link will be shared on GST registered mobile numbers and email ids mentioned in the GST application

(b) Taxpayer need to complete Aadhaar authentication of all Promoters/ Partners/ Authorized Signatories/ Karta etc. as mentioned in the application

(c) Persons already registered on GST portal are not required to undergo Aadhar authentication


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