Ms word shortcuts keys

Some of the Ms word shortcuts keys

Open Ctrl+O
Save Ctrl+S
Close Ctrl+W
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Select all Ctrl+A
Bold Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U
Decrease font size 1 point Ctrl+[
Increase font size 1 point Ctrl+]
Center text Ctrl+E
Left align text Ctrl+L
Right align text Ctrl+R
Undo Ctrl+Z
Re-do Ctrl+Y
Expand or collapse the ribbon. Ctrl+F1
Choose the Print Preview command. Ctrl+F2
Cut to the Spike. Ctrl+F3
Close the window. Ctrl+F4
Go to the next window. Ctrl+F6
Insert an empty field. Ctrl+F9
Maximize the document window. Ctrl+F10
Lock a field. Ctrl+F11
Choose the Open command. Ctrl+F12
Insert the contents of the Spike. Ctrl+Shift+F3
Edit a bookmark. Ctrl+Shift+F5
Go to the previous window. Ctrl+Shift+F6
Update linked information in a Word source document. Ctrl+Shift+F7
Unlink a field. Ctrl+Shift+F9
Unlock a field. Ctrl+Shift+F11
Choose the Print command. Ctrl+Shift+F12
Display Microsoft System Information. Ctrl+Alt+F1
Choose the Open command. Ctrl+Alt+F2

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