NIC Code of Manufacture of grain mill products

Manufacture of grain mill products
This class excludes:
– manufacture of potato flour and meal, see 1030
– wet corn milling, see 1062

10611                Flour milling

10612               Rice milling

10613               Dal (pulses) milling

10614               Grain milling other than wheat, rice, and dal

10615               Vegetable milling (production of flour or meal of dried leguminous vegetables(except dal), of                             roots or tubers, or of edible nuts)
10616                Manufacture of cereal breakfast foods obtained by roasting or swelling cereal grains

10617                 Manufacture of flour mixes and prepared blended flour and dough for bread, cakes biscuits

10618                 Manufacture of other readymade mixed powders like idli, Gulab Jamun, etc.

10619                 Other grain milling and processing n.e.c.

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