NIC Code of Manufacture of sugar

Manufacture of sugar
This class excludes:
– manufacture of glucose, glucose syrup, maltose, see 1062

This is covered under the division of 107 and grouping of 1072 and has several codes (refer below)

10721                Manufacture or refining of sugar (sucrose) from sugarcane
10722               Manufacture of `gur’ from sugarcane
10723               Manufacture of `gur’ from other than sugarcane
10724               Manufacture of `khandsari’ sugar from sugarcane
10725               Manufacture of `khandsari’ sugar from other than sugarcane
10726               Manufacture of `boora’ and candy from sugarcane
10727               Manufacture of `boora’ and candy from other than sugarcane
10728              Manufacture of molasses
10729              Manufacture of sugar from other sources (juice of palm, sugar beet etc.)

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