NIC Code of Processing and preserving of meat

NIC Code of Processing and preserving of meat

This class includes non-edible by-products

This class excludes:
(I) Manufacture of prepared frozen meat and poultry dishes, see 1075

(II) Manufacture of soup containing meat, see 1079

(III) Wholesale trade of meat, see 4630

(IV) Packaging of meat, see 8292

10101                                   Mutton-slaughtering, preparation
10102                                  Beef-slaughtering, preparation
10103                                  Pork-slaughtering, preparation
10104                                  Poultry and other slaughterings, preparation
10105                                  Preservation, Processing, and canning of meat
10106                                  Production of hides and skins originating from slaughterhouses
10107                                  Rendering of lard and other edible fats of animal origin
10108                                  Production and processing of animal offal
10109                                Production, processing and preserving of other meat and meat products n.e.c.

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