NIC Code of Publishing activities

Division 58 Publishing activities
Group 581 Publishing of books, periodicals and other publishing activities
Group 582 Software publishing

Division 58 Publishing activities

This division includes the publishing of books, brochures, leaflets, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, atlases, maps and charts; publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals; directory and mailing list and other publishing, as well as software publishing.

Publishing includes the acquisition of copyrights to content (information products) and making this content available to the general public by engaging in (or arranging for) the reproduction and distribution of this content in various forms. All the feasible forms of publishing (in print, electronic or audio form, on the internet, as multimedia products such as CD-ROM reference books etc.), except publishing of motion
pictures are included in this division.

This division excludes publishing of motion pictures, videotapes and movies on DVD or similar media (division 59) and the production of master copies for records or audio material (division 59). Also excluded is printing (see 1811) and the mass reproduction of recorded media (see 1820).

Grouping 581 Publishing of books, periodicals and other publishing activities

This group includes activities of publishing books, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, directories and mailing lists, and other works such as photos, engravings, postcards, timetables, forms, posters and reproductions of works of art. These works are characterized by the intellectual creativity required in their development and are usually protected by copyright.

Grouping 582 Software publishing


581 Publishing of books, periodicals and other publishing activities
5811 Book publishing
This class includes the activities of publishing books in print, electronic or audio form or on the internet
This class excludes:
– production of globes, see 3299
– publishing of advertising material, see 5819
– publishing of music and sheet books, see 5920
– activities of independent authors, see 7490, 9000
58111 Publishing of books, brochures, leaflets and similar publications, including publishing encyclopedias (including on CD-ROM)
58112 Publishing of atlases, maps and charts
58113 Publishing of audio books
5812 Publishing of directories and mailing lists
58121 Publishing of mailing lists and telephone directories
58122 Publishing of other directories and compilations, such as case law,
pharmaceutical compendia etc.
5813 Publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals
This class includes the activities in print or electronic form, including on the Internet. Publishing of radio and television schedules is included here.
58131 Publishing of newspapers
58132 Publishing of journals and periodicals
5819 Other publishing activities
This class excludes:
– retail sale of software, see 4741
– publishing of advertising newspapers, see 5813
– on-line provision of software (application hosting and application service provisioning), see 6311
58191 On-line publishing of statistics and other information
58199 Other publishing activities (including on-line) n.e.c.


582 Software publishing
5820 Software publishing
This class excludes:
– reproduction of software, see 1820
– retail sale of non-customized software, see 4741

– production of software not associated with publishing, see 6201
– on-line provision of software (application hosting and application service
provisioning), see 6311
58201 Publishing of operating systems and system software
58202 Publishing of operating business and other applications
58203 Publishing of computer games for all platforms


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